One of the first things many people do in a new home is purchase carpets or rugs to make the place cozy. Carpets just have that effect of making a room homelier and looking lived in. But with carpets comes the question of how often should you clean your carpet? Basically, it depends on how much traction it gets.

Carpet cleaning (besides vacuuming) does not have to be a weekly or even monthly chore, but the truth is its one that is often forgotten about or procrastinated on. Cleaning your carpets is important in keeping your rugs looking as great as they did when you first bought them so they can continue serving their purpose.

What many people don’t realize is that besides the visible dirt that can accumulate on a carpet, there’s a lot more that can be hurting your carpets. Bacteria and pollen are the biggest worries here, which is another reason cleaning your carpets more often are important. Dirty carpets can pose health risks for the people in your home, and it’s worse for anyone who has allergies.

If all that wasn’t enough, the particles of dirt in your carpet are actually breaking down your carpet fibers every time someone steps on them. That makes yet another reason you shouldn’t leave your rugs dirty for long periods of time.

How Often Should You Vacuum?

vacuum cleaner on carpet

What many people don’t realize is that besides the visible dirt that can accumulate on a carpet, there’s a lot more that can be hurting your carpets.

First and foremost, you should be vacuuming your carpets weekly. Vacuuming more often means that when you do deep clean, it’ll take less time and effort to get the dirt out.

Now for deep cleaning, rooms that see light foot traffic need only be deep cleaned once or twice a year.

If there are no kids or pets, you can get away with even less. For rooms that see heavier traffic, like hallways, deep cleaning needs to be done more frequently; that is multiple times a year.

If your carpet has soiled, it means you don’t clean it regularly enough. Even after you’ve deep cleaned, you should still be vacuuming at least once a week to minimize dulling.

Ways you should be cleaning carpets for best results


Vacuuming done correctly can remove up to 85% of the dirt present in a carpet. Take your time when vacuuming, rushing it is almost as bad as not doing it at all.

Listen to music or a podcast through headphones and lose yourself in the monotonous back and forth of the chore. Go over each section of the room three or four times in slow strokes. This should be done at least once a week.

illustration of cleaning homeProfessional Cleaning

To increase the longevity of your carpets, it’s important to deep clean at least once a year. Professional cleaning is the most convenient way to get this done. You can contact a carpet cleaning company to come in and steam clean your home, the method recommended by almost all carpet manufacturers.

Steam cleaning gets out the most stubborn stains there are and it also dries your carpet most of the way. It doesn’t take very long after for the carpet to become fully dry and for you to be able to use the room again, as well as bring all the furniture back in that you moved out.

DIY Steam Cleaning

As convenient as professional cleaning can be, for most people it’s hard to justify the price tag that comes with it. Especially because you can deep clean your carpet yourself at home by renting or buying a steam cleaner. Use very hot water to steam clean your carpets.

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