Why Natural Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Lehigh Valley brings you perfect solutions for all your carpets! Why live with a dirty carpet when you can get it clean enough to look brand new? Do you realize how important a carpet is to the overall condition of a room?

A carpet can completely alter the look of a room and can improve your health and your loved ones’. No one likes a stained, dirty carpet! A dirty carpet is an eyesore and is bound to be noticed (even if it is under piles of furniture).

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Our services use completely natural methods of carpet cleaning, making sure you and the environment are safe from harmful chemicals.

Our carpet cleaning company provides reliable and professional carpet cleaning services to the residents of Pennsylvania. We have been the preferred choice of the people for many years now, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Our services use completely natural methods of carpet cleaning, making sure you and the environment are safe from harmful chemicals! If you can choose the natural and organic path when it comes to gardening and food, why not choose the same way when it comes to carpet cleaning?

Why the Fuss over Dirty Carpets?

Carpets are common to most rooms in most houses. They are technically the most used item in the room, as they are always in contact with everything from feet to pets and food. Naturally, this would mean that they get dirty more often. Not only does a dirty carpet look bad (imagine a white carpet with stains on it!), it also poses a risk to the overall hygiene of the house.

If not cleaned on time, a dirty carpet can stink up the whole room! Carpets, if left unattended for long periods of time, can become a safe haven for many creepy crawlies. No one wants a carpet that has mold growing on it. No one wants a carpet that has a huge brown coffee stain on it. And certainly, no one would want a carpet that sends out puffs of dust when stepped on!

Why Is Natural Carpet Cleaning Important?

Organic and natural ways of cleaning have taken the world by storm, and for a good reason. Every small action of ours affects the environment, and therefore it is important that we keep in mind the kind of stuff we use to handle everyday chores and activities. Why use harmful chemicals when natural agents can do the job just as well? In some cases, natural cleaning agents give better results than chemical ones.

Homemade Methods

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Below are some natural methods of carpet cleaning that use ingredients found easily at home. These methods are good for a general cleaning of your carpet; for heavy-duty cleaning, it is always better to call an organic carpet cleaning service like Carpet Cleaning Lehigh Valley that would use natural agents along with powerful machinery.

  • Vinegar solution to be sprayed on stained areas ( 3/4th cup warm water and 1/4th cup vinegar)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (3%) to be poured on stains
  • Borax and vinegar solution for a deeper cleaning of your carpet
  • Salt and lavender oil spray to make your carpets smell good
  • Vacuum carpet after sprinkling it with baking soda (to remove the mustiness)
  • Baking soda and water to be made into a paste that can be applied to areas that smell like pet urine
  • Lemon essential oil to make your carpet smell fresh again
  • Citric acid spray

What Are the Advantages of Organic, Natural Carpet Cleaning?

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  • Use of naturally occurring non-toxic enzymes that are used as effective cleaning agents
  • Less use of water
  • No use of chemicals that can cause health issues
  • Zero harmful fumes
  • No toxic effluents released (by the company that makes the cleaning solutions)
  • Cleaner, fresher carpets
  • Faster drying
  • No soapy/chemical residue
  • No after effects or side effects



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