Green Carpet Cleaning

So your carpet is brimming with dust, fleas, mites, hair, and plenty of other dirt that your vacuum cleaner fails to suck out. There’s no question about calling a professional, green carpet cleaning company for it. But which company do you approach? What methods are better suited for the cleaning process? Which ones are the most efficient but with the least consequences?

Carpet Cleaning Lehigh Valley uses the best possible eco-friendly means for the cleaning of carpets. Being nature-friendly, the techniques will in no way compromise on the effectiveness of the work. Many of the cleaning methods used by companies will have repercussions in the environment which ultimately backfire on us. This is why we have chosen green ways to carry out our processes.


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Why Call Professionals for Green Carpet Cleaning?

If you have a carpet that is a few months old or more, it may have lost its initial look.  The problem here is that the dirt accumulated in the roots remain as such.
Repeatedly cleaning the surface of the carpet will help little to keep it clean. That is where the local carpet cleaners come into play. Our company possesses the right equipment needed for extraction of all the dirt from the very base of the carpet.
Having the equipment alone will not help either. One has to learn how to use it. We are a team of trained professionals for carpet cleaning services. Every little job from the moving of furniture to the drying of the rug following the cleaning process will be done. All that you need to do is contact us whenever your carpet is in need of a bath.

Why Go to the Green Carpet Cleaning Way

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The faster and easier way to get rid of spots on the carpet would be to make use of synthetic cleansers. However, one cannot say that it’s a better option. For home carpet cleaningone would advise on avoiding the option of synthetics. They are bound to pose health hazards to people with respiratory problems, pets, or kids.

Our green methods use organic cleansers which do not negatively affect the environment. The shampoos used for cleaning remove the dirt efficiently. If chemicals are to be used at all, special safety measures are taken so as to avoid them from contaminating the surroundings. We understand the harms from the exposure to them, ranging from nose and eye irritation to affecting the nervous system.

Using steam for dirt extraction saves a good deal of water. The suction is also a lot stronger in this case and extraction becomes more effective. The carpet cleaning service in Lehigh Valley offers to freshen up your flooring the green way. Your home, your family, your pets, and all of your vicinity will stay safe and healthy if you choose to go green with us.

Our Process

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The carpets are a lot dirtier than what is seen to the naked eye deep inside. All the dirt, hair, or shed skin stay attached to the fiber as if they are stuck together permanently. They can only be removed through suction under high pressure. Most companies use chemicals to mix with the dirt to break them down. Our hot water solution, however, does not contain any harmful synthetics.

Carpet cleaning Lehigh Valley offers all services relating to carpet cleaning from spot removal to pest removal like mites from the rug. The process of cleaning varies according to the situation. There are no toxic residues left behind that could be harmful to the residents nearby as in the case of chemical usage. Our ingredients are primarily from nature.

A carpet cleaner first inspects the carpet to be worked on before deciding on the means for the process. A thicker carpet will require a more intense process and a thinner one not so. Similarly, if your carpet is stationed near the windows then there are higher chances of excessive dust gathering.

In the hot water extraction method that we use, the cleaning solution is mixed with hot water before being forced into the rug. The dirt particles then mix well with the solution and break down. The solution is then suctioned out under high pressure and at a high temperature. All the dirt is also removed along with the solution.

Minimal water is used during the process. Drying of the carpet will take a while but once it is done, it will look perfectly new. Dead insects, pet hair, shed skin, dust particles, pollen, ink spots, spilled liquids, all removed in one go. The services of Carpet cleaning Lehigh Valley also promise softness and a good scent after the cleaning are completed.

Naturally, having a beautiful and fresh carpet in the room enhances the room’s look. It is surely a money-saving option to call for regular carpet cleaning services rather than purchasing a whole new carpet.

Go Green, Stay Clean

But now you have an option of choosing an eco-friendly cleaning technique. Neither will you have to keep trying out new ways to remove the dust from on the base, and nor do you have to suffer consequences on adopting professional chemical techniques. Carpet Cleaning Lehigh Valley is the ones stop place where we take care of people’s safety and health as much as the cleanliness of any carpet.

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Go green, stay clean

If we were to use synthetic ingredients for cleaning methods, it would be akin to contaminating the environment all over again with the chemicals. Cleaning carpets are necessary, but not at the cost of harming nature.

Carpet Cleaner Lehigh Valley ensures safe, reliable, and quality service. Make your decision today whether to go green or not. Call us for carpet cleaning services and trust us you, you will not be disappointed.