How to Clean a Carpet Without a Machine

Almost every home has a carpet, and it is one of the easiest things to get dirty yet the hardest to get completely clean. But there are ways you can clean your carpet, and keep it clean, without a machine.

Carpets are literally like dirt magnets. Without regular cleaning, they could cause various respiratory diseases. It can be even harder without a vacuum or other electrical device. Here are some effective DIY methods on how to clean a carpet without any kind of machine.

  • Carpet Sweeper

This one is a no-brainer for how to clean a carpet. They clean the surface like a regular sweeper. It is manual so you will have to work it with your hands. These have been around for a long time, and people still make use of them because they work really well. Just give a nice sweep every other day to keep the dust minimal. However, this will not work if your carpet has a lot of dust build-up from over time. It is excellent for maintaining a clean carpet though.

  • Carpet Beaters

These will only work if your carpet is not a fitted one because this will require you to physically move your carpet. All you have to do is take your carpet, hold it vertically with someone’s help, and beat it to remove the dust. This is a very old method, but it gets rid of a lot of dust.

  • Door Mats

floor mat

This is not a carpet cleaner but is a recommendation to help prevent your carpet from getting dirty in the first place. As long as people do not come in with dirt on their feet your carpet is also less likely to get dirty.

  • Lint Rollers

Lint rollers work for carpets just as good for how to clean a carpet as they are for clothes. They will remove all the extra tiny balls of fur from the surface effectively. But again, if the situation is very bad it will not work, and you have to call in professionals or use an automated machine.

  • 303 Spot Cleaner

Spills are a common thing on carpets, and if you have one, do not fret. Start off by diluting the spill or stain with some cold water. Then blot the spot with a towel to get rid of the stain. For very harsh stains, one could use the 303 Spot Cleaner that is very efficient at removing the harshest of stains, be it on your carpet, upholstery or any other space.

Try the 303 Spot Cleaner on a small area first as a test. If it doesn’t affect the materials, it is good to go. Simply spray it onto the stained area, and blot or wash as required.


Never use manufactured chemicals like 303 Spot Cleaner with other household chemicals like bleach!

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  • 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner

Before using this cleaner, vacuum your mats to get the excess dirt and dust out. Follow up by spraying the 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner on the spots. This works well on all sorts of materials like rubber or even plastic. Hang the carpet or mat to dry it faster from both sides.

  • 303 Stain Guard for Auto Fabrics & Carpets

Best thing to do is to prevent stains in the first place, and the 303 Stain Guard for Auto Fabrics & Carpets is great at it. It repels liquids to prevents stains. From hot coffee to pet stains it repels them all and is totally safe for the fabric as well.


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