Club Soda Stain Removal

If you do not own a carpet, you might be surprised to know the power of club soda stain removal.

For long-time carpet owners, club soda is probably your go to in times of distress. You should always have some on hand at a party. Not so much for your guests, but just in case something is spilled on your carpets. Well, maybe a little for the guests too.

We don’t blame you if you find this hard to believe. But it is one of those old wives’ tale. Despite that though, actual scientific research has been conducted on the stain removing properties of carbonated water. Also, how it compares with just plain old regular water.


Club soda has always come out on top as the best first defense against stains.

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How to Best Use the Power of Club Soda Stain Removal

Let’s say you’re having a party, and amongst all the commotion, a guest has spilled some red wine on your carpet. Red wine stains are notoriously hard to get rid of completely. 

But what you do as soon as the spill occurs is crucial. It will make the difference between a carpet made good as new again and one that has a faint red blotch on it forever.

If you haven’t guessed, this is where club soda comes in. Pour some of the carbonated water on the stain. Make sure the whole thing has been covered. Use paper towels or a cloth to dab the area. Blot away as much of the liquid as possible. 

Repeat this as many times as needed, and stop when none of the stains is coming off on the cloth. If you own a wet vacuum, you can use it to help this process along. In the end, the stain should be barely visible if at all.

How Is Club Soda Able to Get Rid of Stains

We’ve discussed how to use it, but now let’s talk about why it works in the first place. The biggest factor here is what most people suspect it to be: the carbonation. After all, that’s the only difference between cold soda and regular water.


The aeration of club soda helps to keep stains from settling into fabrics, but time is of the essence when it comes to spills on carpets.

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The more of the liquid you blot away as soon as the spill occurs, the less trouble you will have with the stain later. Allowing the liquid to absorb, and settle into the carpet for some time is the worst thing you can do. Club soda slows down how quickly the liquid is absorbed and helps you get it out better. This is why it also works great as a stain remover for clothes.

Another great thing is that there’s no risk of your carpet reacting badly with club soda. Essentially, it’s just water that has been carbonated and not another substance that should be tested on a carpet first. There is also no residue left behind by club soda. Most commercially sold carpet cleaners are known to leave behind unwanted residue.

The Extent of Club Soda Stain Removal Properties

The explanation above for how it works has probably clued you into the fact that club soda is not some magical substance. It can’t remove every possible stain once applied. It will work best the sooner it is used after a spill. Unfortunately, it will do nothing at all for a stain that has already settled in.


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