How to Clean a White Rug?

Rugs are expensive and need to be treated well. Proper care can keep a rug in perfect condition for a very long time, and vice versa.

While entrusting professionals with the responsibility of cleaning your rugs at a particular interval is advisable, many people choose to clean their rugs themselves to ensure extra protection. Here’s how you can do it too – How to clean a white rug: 

Soft White Shag Rugs General Care

These rugs are designed to absorb the fine particles that settle on it. Due to their evenly spaced and soft fabric, these rugs are very good at absorbing dust, allergens, soil, oil, etc that enter your house through the windows, ventilation pipes and doors. Carpets in perfectly clean houses also store these fine particles although it’s never visible. 

Over a long period of time, these fine particles, especially sandy dust which are tiny crystals with sharp edges, cut through the rug fabric and damages it severely. Therefore, dusting the dirty rugs every once in a while is the first and most important step in cleaning a white rug. Take the rug outside, hang it on a sturdy clothesline or fence and use a rug beater to shake the dust out of it. Asking a few friends for help can be useful.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner on woolen rugs. The tender fabric gets sucked into the vacuum and you’ll end up doing more harm than good. The idea is to keep the dust out of the fabric and prevent them from cutting through the fiber. If your white rug has a high or medium pile of wool, go old school and dust it physically. The same goes with steam cleaners. It’s a big no-no when it comes to woolen rugs.

dog lying down on white rug

Dusting the dirty rugs every once in a while is the first and most important step in cleaning a white rug. Take the rug outside, hang it on a sturdy clothesline or fence and use a rug beater to shake the dust out of it. 

How to Remove Stains from a White Rug

  1.    Act fast. The less time you waste, the easier it’ll be. Use a white cloth to blot the accident area and scoop up any solid material from the rug surface.
  2.    Use hot water to dilute the stains and then take a sponge and rub on the rug surface. Woolen rugs need to be treated well, and many over-the-counter products are harmful. Commercial products should not be the first choice when cleaning a rug stain.
  3.    Oil and ink are the two most common rug stains. Removing ink and oil-based stains like cooking grease are easy if you know how to do it. Alcohol is very effective in removing such stains. Use a clean piece of cloth to soak in the alcohol and rub it on the stained surface. Use a dilute detergent solution to rinse the alcohol.
  4.    Pets often litter carpets with their fecal matter. In such a scenario where the stain matter is very stubborn and smelly, it’s more prudent to use a commercial stain remover instead of hot water or alcohol. But blot as much filth you can before applying the chemical, and follow the instructions on the label properly.

illustration of a vacuum cleaner

Take Care of Your White Carpets

Keeping an eye on your rugs can prevent dirt and allergens from building a stronghold. If the carpet can withstand a vacuum cleaner, use it as often as needed. You should vacuum a rug at least once if the traffic rate very low, and daily if it’s very high.

Use your discretion. Using a steam cleaner every few months is also a good idea, as long as the fabric demands it. Run a steam cleaner at least once a year for low traffic, and every six months for high traffic.

Scoop up pet hair and other hair-like fibers or use a brush to sweep them out. Pet hair can carry various microbial and non-microbial organisms that are harmful to your loved ones.

How to Clean a White Rug? Know the Professionals

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